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English Writing Practice

Below are listed pages that contain the practice writing of several clients for whom English is a second, third, or fourth language. This writing has been reproduced with their permission. It was sent to for correction.

Each page contains footnote numbers that have been inserted by to mark the location of needed changes. The suggested changes are listed in footnotes at the end of each writing. Read these pages and suggest your own helpful changes. Then, compare your answers to the suggestions that appear in page footnotes.

Brazil's abortion law
Living abroad
Two cheers for democracy
The true test of a civilization
Stealing credit cards
Denial-of-service attacks
Wireless Identity
Approval of the cybercrime treaty
Astounding news about Symentec
The Bit-Torrent cases
A flat organizational structure
ATMs and payment systems in China
Will humans become subservient to machines?
The debate about overtime

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