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EnglishProofreading.ca is an English writing proofreading and editing service located in downtown Montreal at 1419 Rue du Fort.

The owner and principal editor holds degrees from two Canadian universities - in science and in business administration. He has co-authored a case study course in cost accounting and published several, technical glossaries. In addition to teaching at McGill University in Montreal for several years, he has worked extensively in marketing research, marketing, sales, product development, and research & development. His life experiences have contributed greatly to his interest in the effective use of written and spoken English.

Although the rules of English grammar are the same throughout the world, there are differences in the spelling of English words between the United States and other English speaking countries. In addition, there are differences in the expressions and words used among English-speaking countries. However, with almost 300 million persons, who work and live in English, North America is home to the single largest group of native English-speakers in the world. Further, with its prodigious output of scientific papers, technical articles, books, magazines, films, etc., North America exerts the greatest influence on the use of written and spoken English. Therefore, it makes sense to use a North American proofreading service to assist you with your written English, particularly for scientific papers, technical articles, or technical writing. A Canadian service is particularly well positioned to understand the differences between the American use and British use of English.

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