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Reviewing Proposed Changes

We use the Track Changes feature available in Microsoft Word when editing. This enables us to mark our recommended changes in color on your work. You are able to see your original writing and the changes that we suggest. This makes it easier for you to decide to keep or reject the proposed changes.

After you have opened the edited document, click on Tools, followed by Track Changes and Highlight Changes. If you place a check mark in the box for Changes With Highlighting, you will be able to view both the original text and the highlighted changes. If you wish to view the original text without changes, select the box for Changes Without Highlighting.

You can accept or reject proposed changes by clicking on Tools followed by track Changes and then Accept or Reject Changes. You can then select Accept or Reject or Accept All or Reject All. In other words, you can choose between accepting or rejecting one change after another or accepting (or rejecting) all proposed changes simultaneously. Use the Find arrows to move the cursor through the document to the individual proposed changes.

If you wish to clear the document of all editing marks, simply click on Tools followed by Track Changes and Highlight Changes. Then, remove the ticks from Highlight Changes On Screen and Highlight Changes in Printed Document and press Okay.

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