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Will (5) human become (6 ) a subservient to machines?

(1) It is a great deal of debate over whether humans are becoming subservient to machines or machines are continually improving our lives. Some people believe that machines are dominating our (2) life more and more. At the same time, others suggest that we, human beings, have created machines, and will continue to benefit from them. In my point of view, even though some machines have (3) sophisticate logics and are playing (4) more roles in our (2) life than before, they are still helping (5) human and will not post threats to our society in the near future. My view can be greatly substantiated by (7) reasons stated below.

Firstly, machines can only do repetitive work, (8) but have no creativity. Any (9) types of automations, (10) e.g., robot arms, computers, etc, (11) are all programmed by humans with pre-defined rules. For example, the cutting machines in a fabric factory will cut (12) big size fabrics to small size with pre-defined frequencies and proportions. Therefore, the machines can (13) only perform in ways that humans have done before, but not create a new way by themselves. Thus, no matter how fast machines run, they will never be able to replace humans.

Secondly, by dedicating (14) a lot of repetitive works to machines, humans can spend more time on creative thinking. Before computers were widely adopted, when I prepared for my presentations, I (15) need to spend 50% time on drawing pictures on slides. Most of the drawings are very repetitive. Now, with (16) computers' help, the same presentation slides can be prepared (17) with 30% time less. It allows me to focus on (18) structures and contents of the presentation much more than before.

Some people might argue that some machines, (19) e.g., robots in the movie 'A.I.', might have the same creativity as humans and 'think' just like us in (20) future. However, we have not seen any possible technologies like that in real life yet. Even though machines (21) can do better than humans in some (22) pre-define settings, such as (23) the 'deep blue's victory against human players in chess games, they are far behind humans' brains in the real world, which (24) is much more dynamic and unpredictable than chess games.

In conclusion, even though machines (25) are playing bigger and bigger role in our daily life, they are still only humans' tools. It is not possible that humans will become subservient to machines in the near future. First, machines have no creativity. By dedicating a lot of (26) repetitive works to machines, humans can spend more time on creative thinking.

Suggested Changes

(1) Instead of "it," use "There is."
(2) Use the plural "lives" instead of the singular form, "life."
(3) Use "sophisticated" rather than "sophisticate."
(4) "greater" may more accurately express your thought than "more."
(5) Use the plural form, "humans" or "human beings."
(6) Use "to" instead of "a."
(7) Use "the" before "reasons" since you are referring to specific reasons.
(8) "and" is a more suitable choice in this sentence than "but."
(9) "type of automation" would be a better choice than "types of automations."
(10) Use parentheses to enclose "e.g., robot arms, computers, etc." Alternatively, use ", such as robot arms, computers, etc."
(11) Since "any type of automation" is singular, change "are all programmed" to "is programmed."
(12) Change "big size fabrics to small size" to "big sizes of fabrics to small sizes."
(13) The use of "only" is repetitious and not required because of " but not create a new way by themselves."
(14) Use of "many" would be nicer than "a lot of."
(15) Use the past tense, "needed to spend" rather than the present tense, "need to spend."
(16) I would change "computers' " to a single form and precede it by "the" or "a" (e.g., "Now, with a computer's help").
(17) Better than "with 30% time less" would be "with 30% less time" or "in 30% less time."
(18) Use "the" before "structures and contents of the presentation."
(19) You need to place parentheses around "e.g., robots in the movie 'A.I.' "
(20) You are using "future" as a noun. Therefore, precede it by "the."
(21) I suggest that you add "work" to "can do better than humans" ("can do better work than humans") or change "do" to "perform."
(22) Use "pre-defined settings" rather than "pre-define settings."
(23) You do not need to use "the" in "the 'deep blue's victory" because Deep Blue is a formal name of a particular computer. Because Deep Blue is a formal name, it must be capitalized.
(24) You need to use "are" rather than "is" in "which is much more dynamic" because you are referring to humans' brains (plural).
(25) In "machines are playing bigger and bigger role in our daily life," I would change "role" to "roles" - or - insert "a" before "bigger and bigger." You should also change "life" to "lives" to be consistent with your use of "your."
(26) You can delete the "s" in "works" in "a lot of repetitive works." Unlike "task," "work" can be far more inclusive and embrace many tasks. Further, "many" or "a great deal of" are nicer choices than "a lot of."

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