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Easy-To-Understand Writing

You would think that all writing would be written so that the reader can understand the message easily and quickly. However, this is not always the case.

It takes more effort to write well than it does to write poorly. For example, it takes more time and effort to write short, pithy sentences than it does to write long, rambling sentences. However, when the writer does not devote the time and effort necessary for good writing, he or she may simply be passing the burden on to the reader.

Have you found that it is sometimes necessary to read a very long sentence several times in order to grasp its meaning? The sentence was just too long. It was probably so long that you forgot parts of the writer's message before you reached its end. Sentences that are too long make reading difficult. Nevertheless, persons in all strata of society routinely create them. They are almost always found in academic and scientific writing.

Another writing practice that inadvertently confuses and frustrates the reader is the excessive use of the passive voice. It is very easy to slip into the passive voice when writing. However, this complicates the writing. In contrast, the use of the active voice makes the writing far easier to read.

If you want your writing to be easy-to-understand, try to avoid writing run-on sentences and limit your use of the passive voice.

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