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Approval of the Council of
Europe's Cybercrime Treaty

I have been following the news about (1) US Senate approval of (2) Council of Europe Cybercrime Treaty. (3) It is a milestone in both Internet law enforcement and Internet governance. The most comprehensive article about this development was (4) by ZDnet Asia

There are (5) a lot of Bloggers discussing how Americans (6) affected by this Cybercrime Treaty. From (7) this blogs, I found (8) most negative comments are worries (9) out of ignorance. Their comments do not quote, or make reference to, the Treaty. (10) Most of the time, they are just suspicions.

Treaty Article 19 - Search and seizure of stored computer data. (11) US government may establish new provisions to seize individual data. (12) But, there are already (13) lots of other American laws giving (11) US government the right to do so. The Treaty only specifies the principles (14) and each country is required to implement (15) their own procedures.

Below are some comments from the Blogsphere

  1. entirely symbolic
  2. expand Big Government powers


(1) Correction: Change "US Senate approval" to "the US Senate's approval."
(2) Correction: Change "Council of Europe" to "the Council of Europe's."
(3) Suggestion only: Use "The treaty" instead of "it."
(4) Suggestion only: Change "was by" to "was published by."
(5) Suggestion only: Use "many" instead of "a lot of."
(6) Correction: Use "are" instead of "is."
(7) Correction: Use "these" for plural nouns instead of "this."
(8) Correction: Insert "that."
(9) Suggestion only: Instead of "out of ignorance." Use "due to ignorance" or "arising because of ignorance."
(10) Suggestion only: Instead of "Most of the time, they are just suspicions," use " Most simply unleash their suspicions freely."
(11) Correction: Insert "the."
(12) Correction: Do not begin a sentence with a conjunction, such as "but." Use "However" or "As a result."
(13) Suggestion only: Use "many." It is nicer than "lots of."
(14) Suggestion only: Begin a new sentence with "Each country."
(15) Correction: Use "its" instead of "their."

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