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The Coleman-Liau Index

The Coleman-Liau Index is a measure of the reading difficulty of a portion of text. It is an estimate of the U.S. grade level that a student would need to have achieved in order to read and understand the text.

Although some readability tests are based on the number of syllables in the text, the Coleman-Liau Index is based on the number of characters in the words.

The formula for calculating the Index is A - B - 15.8

Where A = (the number of characters the number of words) 5.89
and B = (the number of sentences in a fragment of 100 words) 0.3

The text (excluding title) of the web page entitled Easy-To-Understand Writing that appears on this website contains 1144 characters and 237 words. Further, the first 100 words represent 5 sentences.

Consequently, A = (1144 237 = 4.83) 5.89 = 28.45
And B = 5 0.3 = 1.65

Therefore, the Coleman-Liau Index = 28.45 - 1.65 - 15.8 = 11.00

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