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Choosing Your Words Carefully

If you hope to have an impact on your reader, choose your words carefully. A failure to do so may cause your writing to be boring to the reader. Many words in our language are so overused that they have simply become uninteresting. Using too many such words can cause your work to be perceived in like manner. Some examples of overused words are get, say, use, try, did and hard.

It is relatively easy to find a synonym that expresses what you need to say and is less frequently used than the overused word. By employing such a word, you will cause your writing to become a little more interesting to the reader.

One useful habit is to check a thesaurus frequently while writing. The thesaurus included in Microsoft Word Tools is only a few keystrokes away. You will often find in it a better word to use. Further, you will find that this practice will help you over a period of time to retain in your memory a wider range of word alternatives. These alternative words are not usually complicated words that your readers may not understand. However, their appearance in your writing can be a pleasant change. In fact, they may describe more accurately what you wish to convey. For example, if you check the thesaurus in Tools for get, you will find obtain, acquire, find, dig out, search out and get a hold. At least one of these alternatives will better describe one's meaning than will get, and create a better impression.

An alternative is to check with a thesaurus after you have completed your first draft. Eliminate, or replace, all words that are imprecise, unsuitable, or too frequently used. Develop a habit of doing this and your writing will definitely improve. You will create a better impression among your readers. Of course, be careful to not use words that your readers do not understand. No one appreciates a show-off. Find a balance between overworked, imprecise words and words that could cause your readers to struggle.

In summary, make your reading interesting by choosing your words carefully.

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