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Writing articles can be a great way to launch a writing career. Articles usually are about specific topics and have specified limits on the number of words. This makes them easy to write. Researching for articles is also easy. Besides, there is a constant demand for quality articles from websites, magazines and other publications. For the beginning writers, articles provide the much needed experience and confidence to take on more onerous forms of writing.

Remember the short essays that your teacher made you write in school? You chose a topic, say the Nile, and collected all the information you could from the library and magazines. You then wrote a few paragraphs on whatever information you had. Writing an article pretty much follows the same steps.

The first step to writing an article is to query the editor of the website or the publication you are writing for/ Approach the editor with your query and, if possible, a few samples of your previous writing. If he is interested in the topic you are proposing, he will give you the go ahead. You can then start to write the article.

Information gathering has become a lot easier. With the internet, good information on topics is just a few keystrokes away. In a few minutes and with the help of a good search engine, you can collect information on any topic. Collect all the information possible in a single file, preferably, a word document.

The next task should be to sift through the information gathered and decide on the points that will be in the article. Before you compile the information, you need to have a mental picture of your article. Decide on what the article is going to look like and its outline. Ensure that the article contains facts that aid in the description of the article. Too often, writers mention facts that are not relevant to the topic and which tend to distract the reader's attention.

Write in simple English. It is not necessary to use flowery language to write a great article. Writing in a style that is easy to read increases the number of people who will read your article. After you finish writing, read the article and correct errors and rephrase sentences which appear complicated.

You can ask a close friend or an experienced writer to read your article for suggestions for your final polishing.

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