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Confidence shows through in writing. The tone of an article can tell a great deal about how confident the writer was when he wrote the article. The words he chooses, the style he adopts and the manner in which he describes the topic speak a lot about the level of certainty and sense of security. Confidence in writing is necessary. Any apparent lack of confidence or ambiguity can undermine the article in the readers' eyes and significantly reduce its impact. If people perceive the writer to be lacking in confidence, they are unlikely to read any more of his works.

A speaker's nervousness shows through in his body language, the flow of words, etc. Similarly, there are several distinct signs that can reveal it. The first indication is the use of inappropriate high-sounding language. When the writer uses words that appear to be out of place and seem artificial, it is likely that he has an urge to impress that makes him go overboard. Confident writers generally prefer to write aesthetically pleasing sentence using everyday English.

Needlessly convoluted sentences can be another indication. They indicate that the writer is reluctant to make a straightforward statement. When writers make point blank sentences, it gives them a great deal of credibility. Using words, such as "basically", "typically", and "mostly" before key sentences can take away their authority.

Avoiding jargon is a indication of confidence. Taking shelter behind jargon that is difficult to understand is not a sign of professionalism. The writer must do all that he can to ensure that the article he writes is understandable to all.

Another common pitfall is an attempt to imitate the writer's literary heroes. Such blind imitation shows through quickly and damages your credibility. Worse still, such imitations can sound artificial and make your writing appear less genuine.

Boldness and confidence are attributes that are vital to any writer. Be natural and spontaneous. Don't worry excessively about style. Being natural lets your individual and unique style take over, giving you a distinct identity.

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