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Stand apart and be noticed

Once, you have decided to write a book, you need to find out how to make a contribution that differs from what is already available on the topic. In a market that is crowded with different authors, what will make you stand apart and be noticed? This exercise is vital as it helps you to assess your competition and how different you should be to be taken seriously.

Study the market and look at the various titles available. Look at how they approach the subject. Look at how fresh the titles are. Out-of-print books and casual publications may not have to be considered as competition because most readers may not have read them.

Besides looking at the competition, it is helpful to look at the audience. Certain audiences, such as those for books on hobbies, such as stamp collecting and gardening, are less likely to buy more than one book on a topic. On the other hand, audiences for technical books are likely to lap up more than one title. However, it will be necessary to convince publishers of the favorable prospects for your book. In today's age, all fields are expanding rapidly with new advancements and discoveries. Hence, books become outdated quickly and there is always scope for books that cover new developments or give a fresh perspective on existing ideas and theories. Besides, no book can cover a field in its entirety. So, there will always be space if you know where to look.

Another aspect to consider is style. Different people like different styles of writing. What may appeal to one reader may be distasteful to another. When entering crowded markets, try to maintain a style that differs from that of others. Another thing to watch for is ease of comprehension. Books written by leading scholars in the field may be difficult for beginners to understand. In such circumstances, a book that is clearly written and easy to understand may find takers.

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