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Do you want to keep
your readers happy?

Be sure to keep your writing
error-free and easy to read.

Will your readers become bored, frustrated, confused or impatient? Let Montreal English Proofreading Copyediting Services help you to express your thoughts easily and quickly. By communicating clearly, concisely and without errors, you will gain credibility.

Eliminate obstacles to comprehension

The Montreal English Proofreading Copyediting Service suggests that you use the active voice as much as possible. Shun long sentences that go on and on. They are difficult for a reader to follow. Vary your sentence lengths. Break up long expanses of forbidding text. Begin a new paragraph frequently. Use fewer words, rather than more words. Whenever you can, use one word instead of two or three - or two or three instead of four or five. will help you in these aspects.

Gain your readerís respect

Donít let your readers find errors. This will affect their perception negatively of what you are attempting to convey. Get your verb-tenses, verb-endings, spelling and punctuation right. Use that and which correctly. Match your choice of words to the vocabulary of your readers or the impression that you are trying to make. It's important to express yourself well in writing. The Montreal English Proofreading Copyediting Service will ensure that your writing excels.

How we work

Your work is important. Therefore, reads, edits, and returns most small jobs within 24 hours. This enables you to submit your presentation on time.

We respect your right to privacy and provide a confidential proofreading and editing service. In addition, we regularly thin the English Proofreading computer files and will delete your work and messages after we have completed and returned the assignment.

Let us assume the risk

We guarantee that our comments or explanations and proposed changes will serve to improve your presentation or writing. In fact, we will refund your money if, after reviewing our work, you believe that we have failed to provide any significant help.

You receive our best efforts and we assume the risk. In this way, you retain control.

Easy to use

Simply send your English writing as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word to . Then, pay in advance at this website. ( See Price ) We will begin our work as soon as our secure payment processor confirms your payment.

Your final writing will be free of any embarrassing errors or obstacles to communication. You can be confident that it will make a good impression. Clear and concise communication is the goal.

So, keep your writing error-free and easy to read - and your readers happy. Send your work now to

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